Friday, March 11, 2011

Birds of a feather...

...stay together. Wedding season is approaching. What a sweet idea.
Not one, but two custom pillows for the love birds on their wedding day.

Kikuike's Handmade Studio is amazing.
To see more of their work, go to

Can you believe these gorgeous fondant toppers? AMAZING!

Surfing the web I even found wedding soap favors with little cute!

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  1. Oh! These are our wedding pillows! Dianne, thank you so much! I recently went browsing through your etsy shop which led me to your blog.
    We love our owl pillows. I can't even imagine our bedroom without them. We went through a lengthy moving process this year and had to live in hotel rooms for a while and I brought these pillows along to make it feel like home... I would not have done without. :) Thank you!