Friday, April 20, 2012

Tattered Treasures

Little 'C' is growing up so quickly.
This picture just tugs at my heart strings.

I can see the love she has for her dolly...
just look at that tattered hair.
It's these moments when I realize that a simple little
creation can bring a lifetime of memories.

A laugh, a cry...whenever we need a good hug. 
If you can't have your sister, at least you still have your dolly!


  1. :) My girls just love their dolls - thanks for making such beautiful little treasures! My older daughter's has been through the wash a few times (shhhh, I know we're not supposed to do that). She's held up quite well through all the adventures. Little C sleeps with her dolly every night...she LOVES her. <3

  2., I can't believe you were able to wash one...that's amazing! You don't know how much your photo's have touched my heart. You're girls are just beautiful! Big Hugs! - Dianne